Animated Race Car

Timestoppers come in three models: the T-IV which judges the order that cars finish; and the TS300 and TS400 timers which both measure place and the time each car takes from start to finish of a race.   (T-III, TS100, and TS200 are no longer sold.)

T-IV Timestopper

(See T-IV documentation.)

timestopper T-IV panel


Hand Held Unit

Displays order that cars finish

Requires 100 watt overhead lamp

  • T-IV 2 Lanes $85      
  • T-IV 3 Lanes $95      
  • T-IV 4 Lanes $129      
  • T-IV 5 Lanes $159      

TS400 Timestopper

(See TS400 documentation.)

timestopper TS400 panel


Hand Held Unit

Displays time and place for each lane

Requires 100 watt overhead lamp

  • TS400 1 Lane   $170      
  • TS400 2 Lanes $190      
  • TS400 3 Lanes $210      
  • TS400 4 Lanes $230      
  • TS400 5 Lanes $250      

TS300 Timestopper

(See TS300 documentation.)

timestopper TS300 panel


Hand Held Unit

Displays time for each lane, on your computer

Requires 100 watt overhead lamp

  • TS300 2 Lanes $128      
  • TS300 3 Lanes $176      
  • TS300 4 Lanes $182      

Suggested software for running on your computer (for connection to a TS300):

GrandPrix Race Manager - Pro; description

RS232 Cable is supplied with TS300, but to connect to a USB port, order:

  • USB Adapter $29.00      

Optional Parts, Extras, and Repairs

Phototransistor Sensor As a convenience to our customers, we offer a replacement phototransistor sensor that can be used to replace a broken finish sensor on a lane of a T-IV, TS300, or TS400 Timestopper.   Phototransistor Photosensor application notes are provided here including a schematic with wiring details.

  • Phototransistor   $7.49      

Slotted Photosensor As a convenience to electronic hobbyists, we also offer a PCB-mounted photo-logic slotted photosensor that is identical to that used for each start sensor on our TS300 and TS400 Timestoppers.   The printed circuit board measures 1.5" by 0.5", with the slot of the photosensor centered and running parallel to the 0.5" dimension, includes a 0.01uF filtering capacitor, and has two mounting holes for screwing the PCB to another structure.   Slotted Photosensor application notes are provided here along with a schematic with wiring details.   These slotted photosensors are useful in applications such as sensing physical disturbance to objects, sensing window and door disturbances for burglar alarms, object presence detection, position encoding such as for end-stop control, position calibration, automatic event-triggering such as for a camera, timing detection, synchronizing actuators, and many others.

  • Slotted Photosensor (PCB mounted)   $10      
  • Lot of 10EA Slotted Photosensors (each PCB mounted)   $80      

Repair Orders As a service to our customers who have called and requested parts and/or labor for a repair, use the following "Add to Cart" button once, and insert in the process the appropriate quantity as a multiplier, in order to effect your payment of pre-arranged charges:

  • Unit of Repair   $20      

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